Powerful finance platform access to track portfolio
Finance platform - the cherry on top of my products
This is the most important product of the whole monetico project. I use it on a daily basis to do my long-term investments and track the current state of the portfolio in automatically calculating results.
Features of the finance platform
It is a really enormous system that gives a wide range of features. Take a look.
You will automatically get access to the whole finance platform as soon as you get the premium subscription.
— Pablo at monetico
Wallet with an ability to define all the savings and things like assets, liabilities and insurance funds
Integration with the major blockchains to automatically collect balance of an wallet address
Create alerts to be able to automatically receive notifications in case of changes in your portfolio
Integration with telegram to send finance platform alerts to your personal channel
Connect major cryptocurrency exchanges like binance and kucoin to automatically collect wallet balance on daily basis
See distribution of the assets in the wallet by different groups
See results of your investments during the time
Build a chart of the whole portfolio
The premium feature is fully automated. The access to all the products will be granted automatically to your patreon account. Take a look at the instructions after you created the subscription. I am ready to support you (contact in the footer).
Take a look at the premium features
Get even more value with my subscription-only features
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