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Use my free library of tradingview scripts to improve your results
I use tradingview to prototype strategies you can notice in some of my products. This is a really powerful feature to test ideas. This service is also used by me to fully automate some of my strategies. I decided to share some of the open-source scripts so you can try to utilise them in your trading. It is also can helpful to learn pinescript with my examples as they are quite well documented.
Pinescript monetico's library
Some of the scripts are not available at tradingview due to moderation issues. I would like to give you access to all the scripts even those that did not pass the moderation. Below you will find the source code of my publicly available scripts
Feel free to ask me questions. I can implement your ideas easily as it can benefit not only you but also me. You suggest an idea and we implement it together. Let's try it!
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